Are you aware of the reality that there are millions of men and women who are inflicted with sexually transmitted diseases around the world? As a matter of fact, majority of the new victims are teenagers. Due to the severity of this problem, the governments of different countries had taken steps to minimize and to prevent its onset and one of these steps is the implementation of STD awareness programs.


In the United States alone, the government agency the SaferSTDTesting Centers for Disease and Control Prevention formulated STD campaigns aimed at raising awareness and educating the public about STD, how it is contracted, how to protect ourselves from inflicting from it, and what steps to carry out to detect STC infection. Aside from the school-to-school STD awareness programs, it also has established April to be the National STD month. During this month, the government agency not only offer free STD testing to sexually active individuals but it also offered free promotional products as well.


Who Are at Risk of This Ailment?


Those who are sexually active are at risk of getting STD, especially those who engaged in unprotected sexual activities. If you are unaware and uneducated of its detriments, then you as well as your partner is at risk of STD. If you don't want to contract STD, it is important that you obtain adequate knowledge of this particular sex-related problem, its complications, precautions and testing available.


Studies show that STD has risen tremendously and it reached its all-time high from 2014 to 2015. Statistics show that syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia are the most common STD. Though, these STD diseases can be cured using the appropriate antibiotics, most of the inflicted individuals left untreated due to fear and shame of being tested and known.  To gain more knowledge on the importance of STD awareness, go to


Researchers found that young men and women, aged between 15 to 24 years old, bisexual, gay and men who frequently have sex with fellow men. Aside from these things, cultural, social and environmental factors also contributed to the tremendous rise of STD populations everywhere. Nowadays, there are numerous websites that showcase articles, resources and guidance pertaining to STD.



Keep in mind that STD is preventable, hence you should take steps to familiarize and understand it. Aside from reading various resources and journals related to STD, it is also important to have yourself Safer STD Testing, especially if you are presently sexually active. These days, there are numerous health centers, both private and public, whom you can approach and whom you can confer with. There is no need to worry about your privacy and personal information as they assured patients about it.